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At Coolideas Ltd, our expertise is anchored in the exceptional capabilities of our in-house workshop and metal fabrication facilities. These foundational aspects of our operations enable us to design, build, and deliver bespoke projects that excel in innovation and sustainability. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers employs state-of-the-art equipment to develop solutions precisely tailored to each client’s unique requirements, ensuring the highest quality and precision in every component produced.



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Our workshop is at the core of our operations, where we transform raw materials into your bespoke projects. By overseeing the entire fabrication process, we uphold strict quality standards and swiftly adapt to both technological advancements and customer requirements. This direct involvement enables us to provide a full spectrum of services—from routine maintenance to intricate installations—executed with a steadfast dedication to sustainability and efficiency, always prioritising our customers’ needs.


Other Services

Industrial Refrigeration

The EnergiVault by O-Hx Ltd represents a breakthrough in ice machine technology, functioning as a highly efficient thermal battery. Employing eco-friendly refrigerants and optimized for low-energy consumption, this innovative system seamlessly produces ice. Consequently, the stored ice can be utilized during peak demand periods, effectively reducing electricity costs. Moreover, this approach significantly enhances sustainability in various industrial applications, offering a smart solution for energy management challenges.

Marine Freezing

Marine freezing employs specialised refrigeration technologies tailored for marine vessels and coastal facilities to maintain seafood freshness. These systems are engineered to endure harsh marine conditions and utilise efficient ammonia-based refrigerants. Coolideas Ltd provides advanced marine freezing solutions, ensuring optimal preservation while strictly adhering to rigorous safety and environmental standards.

Ice Machines

The EnergiVault by O-Hx Ltd is a cutting-edge ice machine that doubles as a thermal battery. Designed for cooling and energy storage applications, it uses eco-friendly refrigerants and energy-efficient methods. This system enables the utilization of stored ice during peak demand periods, effectively cutting electricity costs and boosting sustainability in industrial environments.

At Coolideas Ltd, we push the boundaries of technology. Our dedication is evident in every meticulously executed project, surpassing client expectations with unmatched expertise and support. Partner with us for solutions that truly embody excellence.

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