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Pelagic fishing: - “Retro-fit” systems for rapid cooling of pelagic catches mean that the already installed R.S.W. equipment isn’t a “dinosaur”, but is the refrigeration back-bone of an “amalgamated slurry system”.
Coolideas Ltd, designs and builds slurry ice systems for use with existing R.S.W. systems,
Or stand alone plant if so desired.
Rapid cooling rates provide better quality and better prices.

Cooked Crab :- Our specially developed methods for the rapid chilling of cooked crab, are providing benefits at every stage of production.
Crabs are rapidly cooled in batches and this process leaves the flavour and weight of product in great shape.
This new technology developed to meet E.U. criteria with regard to rapid cooling of cooked crustacean, is a winner from many angles.
A plentiful supply if ice “on tap” , for all a fisheries ice needs plus the unique “rapid chill” capability for cooked product.
No other method is capable of removing the heat from cooked product as quickly as “flash chill” technology.

Trawled catches: - Benefit from our instant chilling arrangements. Catches are chilled to below 3 deg.celsius within 15 minutes of arriving on board, ceasing enzyme activity in the gut, reducing the chance of internal heat generation, and “buying time” for the crew who work the fish away between hauls.
Fresh fish catchers and factory ships alike, all benefit from rapid chill technology.



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