The Company

Mr. R. A. Long MSc M. Inst. R S.A.I.R.A.C (South Africa)
143 Victoria Road East
Lancashire FY5 5HH
Tel : 0845 855 8550
01253 829828
Mobile No : 0779 3274189


Coolideas Ltd is a company formed to provide users of industrial refrigeration with broad spectrum help, in selection supply and installation of refrigeration plant for their specific needs.

Coolideas Ltd is also available to consult on many aspects of refrigeration, plant, and processes in the industrial sector.

Areas of expertise include:-

1. Fishery - Aquaculture, R.S.W., slurry ice systems, belt freezers, blast freezers etc.

2. Marine refrigeration - Cargo vessels, freezer trawlers, On board ice machines.

3. Petro Chemical, Refineries, Gas Proccesses etc.

4. Wine producers ( growers, fermenters, bottlers ect)

5. Breweries - Water chillers and “super chillers” for all industrial applications, i.e. injection moulders, rotational moulders, chemical works.

6. Dairies - Rapid milk chillers chill rooms, pasteurising methods etc.

7. Cold stores, chill stores, controlled atmosphere storage, blast freezing, submersion freezing, plate freezing.

8. Central plant air conditioning utilising state of the art methods.

9. Industrial refrigeration equipment power management and power reduction methods.

Coolideas Ltd, headed up by Mr. R. A. Long MSc Mech. Eng. Who is a full member of “The Institute of Refrigeration Engineers” and has been for many years, is dedicated to introducing state of the art refrigeration methods and systems to industry, and to assist industry with power reduction in accordance with government guide lines and initiatives to reduce Co² emissions.

Coolideas Ltd is also involved with pioneering refrigeration systems, utilising non-ozone depleting refrigerating gases that also possess good economic operational qualities not achievable with many of the newer zero O.D.P. refrigerants marketed today.


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